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Hola a todos,

Aqui les traigo el WoW Shadowlands version 9.2 por KyrianCore,

Este ultimo trae bastante bugs corregidos, que como todo surgen en cuando mas avanzas en otras partes del juego, mas quests funcionales y mas.

Conexión MYSQL :
Port = 3304
Username: root
password: admin

Utilizar el data/Mysql para abrir el Mysql, pueden utilizar Xampp para abrir el Apache y usar el Blizz CMS.



Changelog Update: 21.11.2021

Core/Auras: Implement SpellAuraInterruptFlags2::Ground and SpellAuraInterruptFlags2::Swimming
Misc: Update chr_races_locale field names too
Core/Misc: Re-generate HotfixDatabase.cpp
Core/BattlePets: Don't permanently learn battle pet summoning spells
Core/Logging Added new option to hide worldserver.console errors when loading, also speed-up the loading server time.
Core/build fixed incompatible error on login screen
GOB quest fixed



DB/Creature: Fix some spawns on top of Shadow Vault
DB/Hotfixes: Update hotfixes
Core/Chat: Some hyperlink follow-ups:
Core/Chat: Fix validation of tradeskill recipes that belong to multiple skill lines
Core/Chat: Some more chat filtering cleanup: Always filter control characters
* Clean up stripping of duplicate whitespace
* Adjust .conf.dist to accurately describe what the config settings do
Core/Chat: Fix chat filter to not block certain non-ASCII characters
Core/Chat: Validate UTF8 in chat messages
Build fix
DB/Creature: Fix some root for some npcs
DB/Creature: Warp Aberration
Core/Movement: Add additional assert
DB/Gossip: Glodrak Huntsniper and Goldark Snipehunter
DB/SAI: Make some targets random
DB/SAI: Fix React state with Waypoint
DB/SAI: Sundered Rumbler
Core/SAI: Add a 4th target parameter to SAI
DB/Quest: Fix requirements for Preying Upon the Weak
DB/Script: Fix wrong target type
DB/Quest: Springing the Trap
DB/GameObject: Remove Duplicates spawns
Scripts/UBRS: Open General Drakkisath's gates once he is defeated (…
DB/Quest: Hah...You're Not So Big Now!
Scripts/TempleOfAhnQiraj: Despawn Skeram's images on death and fix an ed…
Scripts/MoltenCore: Implement Garr's Firesworn Separation Anxiety mec… (…
Core/Commands: Fixed crash in .go commands
Scripts/ICC: update Unchained Magic target selection
DB/Creature: Alenjon Sunblade and Irissa Bloodstar
DB/Quest: Remove wrong quest starter/ender for "The Pit of Saron" alliance side

Scripts/TempleOfAhnQiraj: *Implement Battleguard *Sartura's skip-prevention area trigger
* Sartura engages players if they try to skip her by walking past down the tunnel
* Clean up the instance script a bit

Scripts/Areatriggers: Fixed all areatrigger scripts triggering both
Core: fix a warming in pandaria scripts.
Core/scripts zone vault of wardens
Core/Scripts Implement Zone Mardum
World/DB worldsafelocs complete.
Core/scripts Mardum corrections
UPDATED SQL, worldsafelocs & graveyardZONE
Core/Game Fixed phase system that uses variables.set
Core/Spell Temp.fix for tame_beast ( thank you @BuddyQc )
DB/Gameobject: Corrected spawns in Area 52 barbershop
DB/Hotfixes: Update hotfixes
DB/Creature: Add some missing spawns
DB/Gossip: Fix Glodrak Huntsniper gossip option
DB/Creature: Fix some npcflags and gossips
DB/Misc: Remove comments from sql
DB/Gossip: Update Olga gossip
world/db part1 DH_start_zone
sql updated
World/DB scenes updated
World/DB Updated Gossips and Quests related tables
Renamed SQL and moved to a new folder. Keep it organized
Core/DataStores: Removed map 0 MapDifficulty hack - data now exists
Core/AreaTrigger: Set default AnimId value to -1
DB/AreaTriggers: Added areatrigger data for many class spells
DB: Update levels and scaling for Netherstorm
Add missed sql for 5c5f3d5376a53e3cfbccbb2f6a5501e0ddc3ce6e
DB: Fixed a bunch of startup errors
Core/PacketIO: Rename new 9.1.5 opcodes
Core/Quests: Corrected wrong quest startup errors
Core/Misc: Corrected wrong log format message
Core/Misc: Don't log errors about npc_text probability if broadcast text
Core/Game Slight mob fanning readjustment ( i need someone to test me this please )
DB/Creature: Fixed wrong modelid of Jaina/Sylvanas in Forge of Souls
Core/Misc: Add a missing include of Windows.h to Errors.cpp
DB/Loot: Adjust wolf trash drops in Northshire
DB/Quest: Rescuing Evanor
Scripts/Ulduar: XT002 Crash fix
DB/Quest: Milly Osworth requirements
DB/Gossip: Thorkaf Dragoneye
DB/Spawn: Fix 2 undermap spawns
DB/Creature: Fix stand state for Fjord Hawk
DB/Quest: Loyal Companions
Scripts/Quest: Defending Wyrmrest Temple (#22513)
DB/SAI: Fix Jack Adams dance emote triggered on reset and not on respawn
DB/Procs: Stormcaller's Wrath (shaman AQ40 tier) and Shaman's Dungeon Se…
DB/GameObject: Add some missing Small Proto-Drake Egg
Core/Movement: Add some extra assertions to MotionMaster to catch issues…
DB/Conditions: Vizzklick
Fix issue in Creature::UpdateEntry and CMSG_GOSSIP_SELECT_OPTION (#22469…
DB/GameObject: Reagent pouch
Core/Movement: Speed Limit for Spline (#22494)
DB/Condition: Fix wrong spell condition used on Defending Wyrmrest Templ…
DB/Condition: Spell click condition for Stormcrest Eagle
DB/Loot: Frenzied Geist and Tunneling Ghoul
Scripts/BlackrockSpire: Fix infinite loop in Gyth fight
DB/Creature: Fix wrong forced models
Creature/Script: Wyrmrest Defender
DB/Quest: Remove a duplicate spell cast from Rescuing Evanor (ID: 11681)…
Core/Mmaps: Revert a bad change
Wintergrasp Fix Collision Wall work: Open / Close collision wall when battle started/ended
DB/Spells/Procs: Battlegear of Eternal Justice, paladins AQ20 set
Scripts/Sunken Temple: normalize Atal'alarion despawn timer (#22546)
Note: Atal'Alarion will now despawn as a regular Elite mob
(5 minutes unlooted or 2.5 minutes when fully looted)
instead of 7200 (ms) (7.2 seconds) before this change.
Core/Movement: Define new spline flag name
Core/Movement: Fixed MotionMaster::MoveChase default parameters
Core/AI: added talkdata, eventdata, DelayTalkType
Core/Units: Allow mind controlling non-controllable vehicles
World/DB WorldScaling
Some Raw Sniffs
Oribos Spawns Raw sniff
DB/Gossip: Remove one more outdated gossip menu text
DB/Quest: Eitrigg's Wisdom
DB/Quest: Warlord's Command
DB/Quest: Quest Emotes (Hinterlands & Tanaris)
DB/Quest: Shadoweaver
Core/PacketIO: Implemented splash screen opcodes
-Aszuna WorldScaling
Wotlk Scaling
World/DB FIX QUEST Proving_Pit_for_all_troll_classes
Forgot this sql for commit "Implemented splash screen opcodes"
Word/DB toons of quests fixs
World/DB SAI & scriptnames for DH quests.
World/DB Fix gossips from DH_quests
Core/scripts reset used in creature AI
Core/scripts Fix bossAI, spells and reset for imported scripts
Core/scripts fixed remove events on Schedulered creatures
DB/Quest: What Is Going On?
DB/Quest: Grark Lorkrub
DB/Instance: Blackrock Depths - Shadowforge Bridge Event
DB/Creature: Itharius
DB/Quest: Precarious Predicament
DB/Quest: Wrath of the Blue Flight (Part 2)
DB/Gossip: Liv Rizzlefix
Core/Movement: Properly calculate the first Catmull-Rom spline point DB/Creature: Add Godo Cloudcleaver and Rissa Shadeleaf spawn
DB/Gossip: Earthcaller Franzahl
DB/Gossip: Mathredis Firestar
DB/Creature: Akiak
DB/Quest: Quest Emotes (Badlands, Searing Gorge & Burning Steppes)
DB/Conditions: Bom'bay
DB/Quest: Improve some quest events (Part 4)
DB/Quest: The Absent Minded Prospector (Part 2)
DB/Quest: Prospect of Faith (Part 2)
DB/Quest: Prospect of Faith
DB/Quest: Ogre Head On A Stick = Party
DB/Quest: A Taste of Flame
DB/Creature: Awbee
DB/Quest: The Star, the Hand and the Heart
DB/Quest: Pearl Diving
DB/Texts: Atal'alarion
DB/Creature: Add Saeld Brightflare and Asara Dawnblaze spawns
World/DB Mardum Zone: 7705, spawned all GOBS.
Scripts/Black Temple: Fixed a crash on Illidari Council
DB/Creature: Infernal Bodyguard
DB/Gossip: Update Vaelastrasz gossip menu with the correct ID
DB/Gossip: Updated a bunch of gossip menu options to have proper OptionT…
DB/Gossip: Add and fix some gossips
DB/Creature: Add formation for Fel Steed and Shadow Charger
DB/SAI: Librarian Garren
DB/Creature: Muckshell Snapclaw
DB/Gossip: Fix and add some gossips
DB/Blackwing Lair: level & scaling updates
Core/Commands: Fix quest remove error message (#22623)
DB/Quest: Heroes of Old (Part 2)
DB/Gossip: Add gossip menu to Human Refugee
DB/Creature: Spire Scarab & Spire Scorpid
DB/Creature: Withervine Bark Ripper
DB: The Flute of the Ancients, add missing summoned npcs
DB/SAI: Maraudine Khan Guard and Maraudine Khan Advisorr
DB/Creature: Scarlet Scryer
DB/Creature: Shade of Eranikus
DB/Quest: Quest Emotes (Swamp of Sorrows & Blasted Lands)
DB/Creature: Raging Dune Smasher
DB/Creature: Corrosive Swamp Ooze
DB/Gossip: Update more gossips
DB/Creature: Fel Steed and Shadow Charger
Core/Creatures: Defined new npc flags
DB/Creature: Fizzlebang Booms
DB/Quest: Azsharite
DB/Gossip: Add missing gossip options to Gymer
DB/Gossip: Add missing ActionMenuId
DB/Quest: Pearl Diving
DB/Creature: Fallen Hero of the Horde
Core/Commands: fix .appear command provide wrong undermap position (…
DB: The Flute of the Ancients retrieving
DB/Gossip: Update and fix gossip for Jack Adams and Ipfelkofer Ironkeg
Scripts/Illidari Council: Changed urand to SelectRandomContainerElement
DB/Creature: Crimson Courier
DB/Texts: Foggy MacKreel
DB/SAI: King Jokkum
DB/Creature: Remove a wrong script on Chilltusk waypoint
DB/Quest: Indurium Ore
Core/Movement: remove undefined method
DB/Creature: Update Private Weeks with the correct gossip menu ID
DB/Quest: Hallow's End quest OfferReward, RequestItems deDE locales
DB/Quest: Hellfire Peninsula quest OfferReward, RequestItems deDE locale…
DB/Creature: Storm Giant
DB/Quest: Urok Doomhowl
DB/Texts: Farrin Daris
DB/Texts: Brewmeister Bilger
DB/Creature: Stormscale Toxicologist
DB/Texts: Cleansed Timberling
DB/Texts: Greishan Ironstove
DB:/Gossips: Add some gossips for Hallow's end npcs
DB/Texts: Nancy Vishas
DB/Creature: Update gossip menus used by Lorax
DB/Creature: Update the correct gossips for Pusillin
DB/GameObject: Sacred Fire of Life
DB/Texts: Myra Tyrngaarde
DB/Creature: Hallucination
DB: Fix a DB error
DB/Texts: Ilkrud Magthrull
Scripts/Blackrock Depths: npc_grimstone Event_Timer improvements (#22663…
DB/Conditions: Update gossip condition for Private Weeks
DB/Gossip: Tajarri
Core/Spells: Hallowed Wand - Bat custome must be positive
DB/Quest: Load Lightening
DB/Creature: Kodo Spirit
DB/Creature: Katrina Shimmerstar
Core/Entities: Handle partial state change for pets
Fix invalid arguments to string format in Trinity::Fatal
Core/Objects: properly use UPDATETYPE_CREATE_OBJECT2 when creating brand…
DB: Zangarmarsh quest OfferReward, RequestItems deDE locales
Core/Scripts - The Eye: Fix Kael'thas Sunstrider Mind Control, limit Max…
Scripts/ToC: Fixed Twin Valkyr stucking in progress and added hover
Core/Spells: fix issues with delayed spells and auras
Update zone_borean_tundra.cpp
DB: Terokkar Forest quest OfferReward, RequestItems deDE locales
Script/Misc: Change some placeholders to proper texts
Scripts/Utgarde Keep: Fixed Ingvar evade in phase 2 (one more time)
Core/GameEvent: weekend double xp rate ( Active on sundays )
DB/Creature: Tracker Thulin
DB/Strings: remove some now-unused language entries
Core/Shared: add BattlefieldBattleId definitions
Quest: Ruthless Cunning and Returning the Favor (#22806)
Scripts/Ulduar: Fixed Sanctum Sentry accumulating events after wipes
Core/AI: Add some checks to catch if the AI changes mid-update for player
All TC-commits from today, that was missing.
Worldserver.cfg added option for weekend xp boost
Update GameObject.cpp
DB/Quest: Fhwoor Smash! Texts fix
DB: Nagrand quest OfferReward, RequestItems deDE locales
DB/Item: Onslaught Gryphon Reins drop rate
DB/Quest: Gurf's Dignity
DB/Creature: Njorndar Proto-Drake
DB/Quest: Report Back to Fizzlebub
DB: Pilgrim's Bounty quest OfferReward, RequestItems deDE locales
DB/Texts: Jammal'an the Prophet
DB/Quest: Quest: Cruel's Intentions
DB/Gossip: Jannok Breezesong
DB/Texts: Burning Blade Toxicologist
DB/Quest: The Grateful Dead
DB/Class: Update monk player_classlevelstats
DB/Quest: The Amphitheater of Anguish: Yggdras!
Core/Scripts Fix CreatureAI talk, GameobjectsAI gossips.
DB/Hotfixes: Update koKR broadcast_text_locale to 41031
Core/Handlers: fix ".whisper on" with opposite faction/low level
DB/Misc: Update quest and creature locales for deDE
DB/Misc: Update quest and creature locales for koKR
DB/Creature: Shard-Hide Boar
DB/Creature: Rotting Worm
That's Abominable for the 3 other quests, and knockbacks for all.
DB/Misc: Update quest and creature locales for zhTW
DB/Misc: Update quest and creature locales for esMX
DB/Misc: Update quest and creature locales for zhCN
Core/Scripts: Move some spells to scripts (#22332)
DB/Hotfixes: Update itIT broadcast_text_locale to 41031
DB/Misc: Update quest and creature locales for frFR
DB/Misc: Update quest and creature locales for ruRU
DB/Creature: Add missing npc_flag hasgossip to some creatures Part4
DB/Misc: Update quest and creature locales for esES
DB/Creature: Fixed linked respawn error
DB/Templates: Update quest and creature template data to 41031
Core/Spells: Malleable Goo need be negative
Quest/Script: Kodo Roundup
DB/Hotfixes: Update esMX broadcast_text_locale to 41031
DB/Hotfixes: Update esES broadcast_text_locale to 41031
DB/Creature: Mo'arg Extractor and Crystalfused Miner
DB/Hotfixes: Update frFR broadcast_text_locale to 41031
DB/Hotfixes: Update zhTW broadcast_text_locale to 41031
DB/Misc: Update quest and creature locales for ptBR
DB/Hotfixes: Update zhCN broadcast_text_locale to 41031
Core/Spells: Fixed unapplying rockbiter weapon
DB/Hotfixes: Update ruRU broadcast_text_locale to 41031
Scripts/The Steamvault: Fixed Chambers Access Panel and Main Chambers Do…
DB/Hotfixes: Update deDE broadcast_text_locale to 41031
DB/Spell: fix mistake in Blood Draining's CheckProc and remove Attack Po…
DB/Hotfixes: Update ptBR broadcast_text_locale to 41031
Core/Spells: Fixed ErrorCube spell missiles
DB/Misc: Update quest and creature locales for itIT
Scripts/Icecrown Citadel: Some fixes for Valithria Dreamwalker's encount…
DB/Hotfixes: Update broadcast_text to 41031
Core/Spells: Fixed crash with some gameobject spell casters
Core/Creature: Profession trainer fixes (PR #22904)
DB/Hotfixes: Update hotfixes 41031
Scripts/Commands: Fix crash caused by .set npc model (#22877)
Scripts/Misc: Fix LoadMinionData() dynamic analysis issues
Core/Spell: Fixed some negative spells showing as positive
Correct typo
DH Mardum Quest Fixed



Correct typo
Make TC updater work properly, archived old sql...
Current server build 41079
Re-worked Mardum zone, backups and organize.
-Fully/Fixed spawned with Gobs and Creatures properly phased.
- Quests fixs part-1
Core/Spells Litle correction for linked GO when loot.
Core/Game Fix function GetCreatureListInGrid
World/DB misc, Fix almost all flying creatures, GObs, Loots
Core: remove "LoadZoneScriptNames" for now, it needs db side, i will do it when we got to that part.
Mardum DH Quest Fixed

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