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Server Updates

Here you will find the lasts releases of Hellgrave

v5.5 Rascacoon and Tentugys Boss
New Island Rascacoon Added
Tentugys Head Boss with tentacles added
Rascochan Outfit added as loot from the boss
Flimsy Caves added with each Flimsy Miniboss near Goshnar Caves
Added Grave Danger Bosses and their Levers.
Added Cobra Bastion with bosses
Added Falcon Bastion with bosses
Fixed TimeEvent from familiars
Added a full list of imbuements ingredients to yasir ( buy )
Fixed many corners, herbs, rocks, water, moulds from the map.
Added Mounts: Raven, Gloothomotive and Shrine. Outfits: Formal Dress, Ghost Blade and Nordic Chieftan.
Updated Interactive Map
v5.2 Eldritch Items & Brainstealer Boss
Fixed Some Lands with Skeleton Elite Warriors spawn.
New Quest Vampire Shield added on Mordragor.
Fixed Daily Quest teleport to get back to the temple.
New Items Eldritch
New Bosses The Megamagmaoid & Brainstealer.
New Dungeon: The Brainstealer
Added Many New Creatures: Bashmu, Girtablilu Warrior, Venerable Girtablilu, Carnisylvans, Varnished Diremaw, Tremendous Tyrant, Lavaworm, Lavafungus, Streaked Devourer, Afflicted Strider, Blemished Spawn, Murmillion, Hoodinion, Juvenile Bashmu.

server features

The main advantages of our server, over all others

Server Description Hellgrave RPG
Custom Map, low rates
Hellgrave Rpg Server is
a true mmorpg experience, a low custom rate server.
- There is 5 Citys on Hellgrave: Mordragor, Falanaar, Mistfall, Dolwatha and Freewind.
- There is Death Valley ( Know as Roshamuul ).
- The server includes New Goshnar Bosses and the respectives Maps, with the reward room, Goshnar Task available.
- New Phantasmal Jade Mount Added.
- New Access on Goshnar Bosses from North of Sight Surrender Spawn.
- New Mining System , see Elyotrope NPC on south of Mordragor.
- Many Quests available on the world like Anihilator.
- Many Bosses like, Plagirath, Flimsys, Plagueroot, Raids...
‹‹ Hellgrave is an ideal version for playing RPG Content ››
Hellgrave RPG Server was designed for a low-medium custom RPG Server. Created by Adrien, Viktor ( Old Edisondario Team ) and Alex ( OpenGames & Lepiigor ), tooks 9 month to realize the map. Hellgrave is all time in expansion, with the regrets that two people are no longer part of the project, Alex continues the project since first september of 2021.

Quests and Raids!

There is some quests and raids on Hellgrave...

  • Anihilator Quest
  • Knight Set
  • Dragon Shield, Tower Shield, Crusader Helmet, Blue Robe...
  • Morgaroth, Orshabaal, Ferumbras Raids
  • Ghazbaran, Omrafir, Gaz'haragoth Raids
  • Mawhawk, Zulazza, Midnight Panther, Zushuka Raids

Custom Systems

There is some custom systems on Hellgrave

Start the Mission on south of Mordragor Talking with Elyotrope and show your skills!
A daily quest can be done once per day and get each day a different reward.
Enter on the Dungeon and fight against custom Bosses!
There is 2 Arena Monsters, with 3 Levels each one, Fire Arena and Earth Arena, fight Waves of Monsters and defeat the Boss!

Join Hellgrave, create your own Server

Start your own Hellgrave Server downloading the server files from our forum. You need use the same config.php from Znote, you can choice a custom Website from forum or Ask for a Custom Unique Webdesign to Alex.