Canary 12.91  Windows/Linux - v2.6

Canary 12.91 Windows/Linux - v2.6 v2.6

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Canary - Version 2.6.0​


dudantas released this last week
· 6 commits to main since this release

Hello, first we would like to say that this project is very important for the OpenTibiaBr team, that's why we are always bringing new content and constant corrections. But, for this work to be even better, we need an incentive, be it financial or contribution (with pull requests and problem reports). Feel free to join our discord and report issues or contribute new codes in this link

  • If you want, you can also donate to our project, here

  • Access our helpful tutorials and downloads here

Download Tibia Client 12.91.12329

Download OTClient 1.0, thanks for @mehah

As we don't publish the latest releases, we'll put the changelog of all of them here, in descending order.​

  • Release 2.6.0​

What's Changed​

  • [Bug] fixes the same name conflict of function and global variable by @dudantas in #675
  • [Bug] Fixes some things and miscellaneous adjusts by @beats-dh in #484
  • [Enhancement] added scripts to run server with gdb (linux) by @beats-dh in #458
  • [Bug] fixes some prey and taskhunting fixes by @dudantas in #644
  • [Bug] fixes charm adrenaline by @beats-dh in #649
  • [Enhancement] reorganize reload functions and extract in an own class on cpp by @dudantas in #669
  • [Enhancement] change project to c++ 20 by @dudantas in #662
  • [Bug] fixes creature division of step speed by @dudantas in #676
  • Remove classicEquipmentSlots by @murilo09 in #679
  • [Client Feature] Forge System (Fiendish and Influenced Creatures from 12.80) by @murilo09 in #543
  • Change server to the new release version 2.6.0 by @dudantas in #680
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